County Champs – Live



The preview pane above will be showing live footage of the 2016 Lincolnshire ASA County Championships from the Meridian Leisure Centre in Louth on February 6th/7th

This free service is subsidised through advertising material inserted by the video provider, so please note that none of the advertising content is managed by Lincs ASA

Please note this is a free service and so the quality and availability of the video stream cannot be guaranteed.  There are many aspects of internet TV that are beyond our control, and testing has shown that some viewers will enjoy a much better experience than others. We hope it works for you!

Android and Apple users can download the Ustream App from their app store for viewing on mobile devices.

Please use the ‘Leave a reply’ facility below to let us know if this works for you, and whether your viewing experience has been a good one. Your feedback is essential for us to know whether this is an area to develop further, or to concentrate our efforts elsewhere.  Send the web address to family and friends who might like to see your swimmers in action.


15 Responses to County Champs – Live

  1. T. Watson says:

    Really good on my ipad. Can watch my daughter swim later. Thanks for this leap forward in technology!

  2. aln pearce says:

    got a good picture a bit jumpy at ties but over all good

  3. Jackybrown says:

    Watching live in the big apple !

  4. Lesley Statham says:

    Really clear picture, watching my grandkids swim.

  5. Joanne Lee says:

    My husband lives and works in Saudi Arabia and was able to watch our kids swim. Amazing, thank you so much! For once he didn’t have to miss the action!

  6. as above says:

    MAJIC thanks it was good to see my Grandson in the events

  7. Suzy says:

    2014 brilliant to have this service BUT very sporadic service session 2 even though counter says 150 people in total have streamed. Please try to sort as picture quality quite good. Great to have sound too.

  8. bob says:

    cannot see the result does anybody know why

  9. Suzy says:

    Please have camera on winner of each heat as they finish.
    Very frustrating to miss that moment!
    Streaming seems better at end of session 2 thank you

    • Hi Suzy, thanks for your feedback. Saturday was a bit chaotic so sometimes the camera was unattended. However, I did try to identify every heat winner during Sundays events. Hopefully you were able to see that?

  10. tina wilson says:

    when will the lincs asa 2014 be available to watch ??? can only see one clip from the whole weekend ?

    • Hi Tina, there was never any intention to record the events for playback due to the costs involved. We have used a free service which allows for a few broadcasts to be recorded – one of which you have watched by the sounds – and I did record 5 events so I could see what the quality was like when I got home. Sorry. Matthew

  11. tina wilson says:

    Hi, no problem, i saw a link on your page, that said for last years Lincs Asa, please click here, so I assumed you were doing the same for this year 😦 thanks anyway

  12. Paul Wright says:

    Picture quality very good, also sound is a real bonus. Excellent to be able to watch when its not possible to be on poolside!!

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