Once a Skills swimmer has mastered the basics of competitive swimming, and through physical development has become stronger, the Development squad provides increased training time. In addition to their time in the pool, swimmers are also introduced to an hour of land training which helps with flexibility and core strength development.

Swimmers also start to maintain a log of their training and competition activity, and set targets and goals for their development as an athlete. They are expected to attend all-bar-one of their weekly training sessions (which allows for participation in other sports and interests), with Thursday mornings a mandatory session for Development A swimmers.

Development swimmers will start to use hand-paddles in training, so this is an additional item of equipment required when swimmers move up from Skills.

Swimmers are encouraged to compete at Open Meets appropriate to their standard, with at least 5 of the numerous targeted Development meets throughout the year entered, in addition to County & Regional Championships where qualification allows.

Squad Competition Schedule

Training Times:

Development B:  7-8.30pm Tuesday, 7-9pm Friday, 5-6pm Sunday , plus land training 4.15-4.45pm Sunday (4.5hrs pool + 30mins land max)

Development A: 7-8.30pm Tuesday, 6-7.30am Thursday, 7-9pm Friday, 6-8pm Sunday, plus land training 5-6pm Sunday.

Our Development A swimmers train in the pool alongside Performance swimmers on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings which will help with their transition into the Performance Squad.

The documents required to maintain a Development swimmer’s logbook can be found here.

Development Log Book Page

For Subscription FeesCLICK HERE


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