Worms Gala Report

Image of Louth Dolphins in Worms, Germany

The Louth squad poolside in Worms

38 members of Louth ‘Dolphins’ Swimming Club (27 swimmers) travelled to Worms,Germany to compete in the 20th National (now International) OpenMeet Swim Festival hosted by WSC Poseidon in their 25m 6 lane outdoor pool.  A fantastic venue, with a carnival atmosphere thoughout the 2 day event (Sat and Sun, 18th and 19th June 2011) with a tented village surrounding the venue with many of the 20 visiting teams camping overnight.

Why Worms, Germany? The home City of the Meiwald family all heavily involved with swimming and Jutta Meiwald organised for the Worms team to visit Louth last year to add an International flavour to the first ‘Meridian Cup’.  Their team and coaches staying with family members and exploring and sampling the delights of Louth.

Jutta Meiwald “worked her socks off” organising the logistics, Rose Stanhope; team coach , and her trusty team of James McIntyre, Matthew Clarke and Chris Aiken did a phenomenal job in and around poolside and travelling team manager Graham ‘Happy’ Richardson ensured all the mountain of paperwork was correctly completed. Club Chairman Bob Wells, talked alot and took photos.

The host families were fantastic and the 4 days flew by despite the sleep deprivation. All members acquitted themselves brilliantly  and were a credit to the club. The weather threw everything at us rain, wind, cold and brilliant hot sunshine. Training and competing in a protected environment (indoor pools), the experience came as something of a shock to many of our younger members, but thanks to the ‘team effort’ everyone came through and the experience will stay with the team forever – fantastically rewarding.

Quotes: “A truly epic weekend!  The Pool and facilities were great, the camping was great (there must have been a hundred tents on Saturday night) the host families were great.  The kids swam well and conducted themselves in sportsman like manner at all times in the true spirit of swimming and competition as well as being great fun – even on the 17 hour journey home!”

“Memories from the weekend – many and hopefully the unbelievable 670 plus photos will bring them all back.  For me – apart from all the swimming – Matt running full pelt round the pool to make sure Leon didn’t miss his race.  He made it onto the blocks literally as the starting whistle went! Mark arriving with a waffle on the Saturday afternoon after I’d not had time for lunch – did that taste good! and ‘those’ beers that Matt and I enjoyed when it was all over on the Sunday evening. “

“Can I just say how proud I am to have been with such a fantastic group this weekend. We certainly made the other teams take notice. Lots of fab swims andPBs”

“Thank you to all the swimmers that attended the Worms trip. You were fantastic! You are a credit to your families and to the Club!! “

“Fantastic time had by all will be remembered forever. Caitlin had a fantastic time made even better due to the great kids of Louth taking her under their wings”

Team – Lola Sharrock, Jay Clarke, Leon Page, Emily Patch, Adam Mohammed, Tom Harrop, Sofie & Marie Schneider, William, Annabel & Lois Kemp, Megan Hodgson, Maya Subberwal, Daniel Challis, Ann & Jan Meiwald, Rebecca Dunning, Katherine Brown, Danny Goddard, Adam & Will McIntyre, Abram Marfleet, Alex & Sam Swaby, Derek Briggs and Catlin Aiken

Support and additional help from Mark & Jane Swaby, Sue Goddard and The Aiken family contingent….and Paul Stanhope.  Our grateful thanks extend to The Mayor’s Fund, Lincs ASA, Forrester Boyd and ConocoPhillips for supporting this venture.

Results: 11 Gold medals, 18 Silver medals, 10 Bronze medals, and many PB’s


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