2013 Lincs Snr Lgue Rd 1

Underwater image of a swimming pool


Louth SC sent a team to Grimsby Scartho Pool on Saturday evening 09/03/13, to participate in the 1st round of the Senior Lincs League. The team were up against some strong competition from Cleethorpes and District “Red” team; Gainsborough Dolphins; Lincoln Vulcans “B” and South Lincs.  Louth SC finished 2nd on the night. From 48 events, Louth were victors in fourteen; had twenty 2nd places and eight 3rd places, gaining 24 Personal Best times.

 “Louth Swimmers of the Night” accolade is awarded to the Girls 14/u age group swimmers (Marie and Sofie Schneider, Emma Maw and Girls Vice-Captain, Lily Miller) who out of the 4 individual and 2 Relay events in their age group, won an astounding 5 out of the 6 events.

Alex Swaby (Girls Captain) was the first Louth winner of the night in the 100m Freestyle, which she won by an impressive 1.3 seconds. Next up for a win for Louth were the youngest age group to swim in this league, the Girls 10/u 4 x 25m Freestyle team, consisting of Amelia Grantham, Katie Roscoe, Victoria Patch and Amy Gilpin. They finished approximately 4 seconds ahead of their nearest rivals from CADS, giving a confident performance.  They were swiftly followed with another Louth “Oggie” by the Girls 14/u 4 x 50m Medley Relay Team, consisting of Marie Schneider on the Backstroke lead-off leg, which is her favoured stroke; Lily Miller, on the Breaststroke; Emma Maw on the Butterfly leg and Sofie Schneider, bringing the team home strongly on the final Freestyle leg. It was never in doubt that these girls would win, as they basically led from the starting signal, forging home a 4 second lead at the finish. Sofie Schneider then proceeded to follow this relay win with an individual win of her own, in the 14/u 100 m Freestyle. The Girls Open 4 x 50m Freestyle relay team did not let the side down with the next win of the night for Louth.  The team was led off by Alex Swaby and she was followed in by Amber Nuttman, Emily Patch and Sophie Long. Each swimmer gave their all in this event, holding off strong opposition from CADS. The young 10/u Girls were the next victors in their 4 x 25m Medley relay this time. Katie Roscoe started very strongly on the Backstroke and she was followed by the ever improving all –rounder, Amy Gilpin on Breaststroke; speedy Victoria Patch on the Butterfly leg and was brought home by the gala newcomer, Amelia (Millie) Grantham. Marie Schneider got herself a good Pb time, as well as another Louth victory, on her 14/u 100m Backstroke. Sophie Long won the Open Girls 100m Butterfly, by a huge 4.2 second margin, again her lead never looked like it would be challenged. Young Victoria Patch touched fractionally ahead of the South Lincs swimmer in the lane next to her, winning her 10/u 50m Freestyle event and gaining yet another Pb time.

Tom Harrop was the only boy to win an event on the night – the 14/u 100m Breaststroke. I am sure that others will join him in the 2nd round! Emma Maw led out her race in the 14/u 100m Butterfly, taking on all opposition with a determined strength, eventually winning with a 2 second cushion over her nearest rival. Emma Harrop, proved she was not to be out-done by her older brother Tom, as she won yet another 50m Freestyle event in the 12/u age group, an event Emma is making her own. The Girls Open 4 x 50 Medley team, celebrated their double relay win in style – Alex Swaby (Backstroke); Amber Nuttman (Breaststroke); Sophie Long (Fly) and Emily Patch (Freestyle). The final winners of the night, fittingly were the “Swimmers of the Night” for Louth – the Girls 14/u freestyle relay team, consisting of lead off swimmer Lily Miller and followed in by Marie Schneider, Emma Maw and Sofie Schneider, bringing home the team with another 4 second winning margin.

Louth individual 2nd places were awarded to;

Fred Schneider– Open Boys 100m Freestyle; Megan Gilpin- Girls 12/u 50m Backstroke; Amber Nuttman- Girls Open 100m Breaststroke; Victoria Patch- Girls 10/u 50m Fly; Tom Harrop- Boys 14/u 100m Freestyle; Kieran Young- Boys 14/u 100m Backstroke; Adam McIntyre- Boys Open 100m Fly; Jevon George-Jones- Boys 12/u 50m Fly and Freestyle; William McIntyre- Boys Open 100m Backstroke; Alex Swaby- Girls Open 100m Backstroke; Amy Gilpin- Girls 10/u 50m Breaststroke.

Louth Relay 2nd places went to the following teams;

Boys 14/u Medley and Freestyle (Kieran Young, Tom Harrop, Ivan Koslow, Joshua Wright); Boys Open Medley and Freestyle (Tom Richardson, Oliver Petts, Fred Schneider, Adam McIntyre, Martyn Margarson); Boys 12/u Medley and Freestyle (Jay Clarke, Andrew Thompson; Jevon George-Jones, William Thompson); Girls 12/u Medley and Freestyle (Paige Kelly, Ely Miller, Megan Gilpin, Emma Harrop).

3rd places on the night went to Jay Clarke (Boys 12/u 50m Backstroke); Aaron Humphreys (Boys 10/u 50m Butterfly); Andrew Thompson (Boys 12/u 50m Breaststroke); Harvey Muns (Boys 10/u 50m freestyle); Lily Miller (Girls 14/u 100m Breaststroke); Ivan Koslow (Boys 14/u 100m Fly); Boys 10/u Freestyle and Medley Team (Kieran Bailey, Aaron Humphreys, Robert Patch, Shaun and Harvey Muns). Sam Swaby not previously mentioned, also gained valuable points for Louth on the night. Louth swimmers were greatly praised by Head Coach – Steve Armstrong, for their superb performance.

Final adjusted points were:

1st – CADS “Red” (238) pts, 2nd – Louth (217) pts, 3rd – South Lincs (156) pts, 4th -Gainsborough (146) pts, 5th –Lincoln Vulcans “B” – (92) pts.

Looking forward to Round 2 on 27th April at Lincoln Yarborough pool.

Sarah Richardson

Team Manager


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