Lincs Junior League Rd 2

Underwater image of a swimming pool

Louth SC swam at Yarborough Leisure Centre pool in the 2nd round of the Lincs Junior League on Saturday 12th May

A stunning performance was put in by the club’s under 12 years junior swimmers, finishing a well-deserved 2nd place on the night, behind 1st placed Lincoln Vulcans “A”.  Louth had 1 new swimmer taking part in their first competitive gala – William Thompson, who put in a couple of great relay swims in the boys 11/u age group.  Louth had 3 individual wins on the night, 1 Relay win, 18 second places and 14 thirds. This consistency in gaining top 3 places ensured we finished 2nd overall.

The first win came from Jay Clarke in his favoured event, the Boys 11/u 50m Backstroke.  Jay got himself a Pb and a County Qualifying time and finished just over a second in front of the swimmer from South Lincs. The second individual victory came from the in form Andrew “Drew” Thompson, in the Boys 10 yrs 50m Backstroke, which Drew swam in some style. The next victory came from the recipient of the “Louth Swimmer of the Night” accolade – young 9 year old Caitlin Aiken. Caitlin took complete charge of the Girls 9 yrs 25m Butterfly race and at no point did she ever look like she was going to finish anywhere other than in 1st place. She got herself a good 1.5 second Pb time and was 2 seconds ahead of her nearest rival from Lincoln Vulcans “A” at the finish.

Caitlin was instrumental in Louth’s final win of the evening, in the Girls 9 yrs 4 x 25m Medley relay. The team was led off by Jenna Wright on the Backstroke leg, she was swiftly followed by Isabel Hughes on Breaststroke, Caitlin Aiken on Butterfly and the last leg, Freestyle, was swum by Poppy Jacklin. The girls were helped into 1st place by the fact that three of the opposing four teams were disqualified, but that does in no way detract from the fact the girls put in a solid, well executed all round performance.

Individual 2nd places for Louth were gained by the following swimmers; Victoria Patch (Girls 9 yrs 25m Freestyle); Paige Kelly (Girls 10 yrs 50m Breaststroke); Megan Gilpin (Girls 11/u 50m Backstroke); Emma Maw (Girls 12/u 50m Butterfly and Freestyle); Joshua Wright (Boys 12/u 50m Breast and Freestyle); Caitlin Aiken (Girl 9 yrs 25m Backstroke); Shaun Muns (Boys 9 yrs 25m Backstroke); Qian Yue To (Girls 11/u 50m Freestyle); Jevon George-Jones (Boys 11/u 50m Freestyle); Emma Harrop (Girls 11/u 50m Breast). Relay Team 2nd places were gained by the following swimmers; Girls 9 yrs Freestyle (Jenna Wright, Poppy Jacklin, Caitlin Aiken and Victoria Patch); Boys 10 yrs Medley (Shaun Muns, Drew Thompson, Oliver Hardesty and Edward Sharrock); Girls 11/u Freestyle (Lily Jacklin, Ely Miller, Megan Gilpin, Emma Harrop); Boys 11/u Freestyle and Medley (Jay Clarke, Leon Page, Jevon George-Jones, William Thompson); Girls 10 yrs Freestyle (Scarlet Torrington, Ellena Bartup, Victoria Patch, Paige Kelly).

Valuable 3rd places were gained individually by Drew Thompson (50m Breast), Ellena Bartup (50m Backstroke and 25m Butterfly), Leon Page (50m Butterfly), Oliver Hardesty (25m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle) and Paige Kelly (50m Freestyle). Relay teams coming home in 3rd places were; Girls 12/u Freestyle and Medley (Qian Yue To, Emma Maw, Emma Harrop, Laura Muns, Megan Gilpin), Boys 12/u Freestyle and Medley (Luke Freeman, Joshua Wright, Callum Kidd, George Walker), Girls 10 yrs Medley (Scarlet Torrington, Isabel Hughes, Ellena Bartup, Paige Kelly), Boys 10 yrs Freestyle (Drew Thompson, Edward Sharrock, Shaun Muns, Oliver Hardesty), Girls 11/u Medley (Ely Miller, Emma Harrop, Megan Gilpin, Lily Jacklin).

Louth swimmers chalked up 26 Pb’s and 7 County Qualifying times during this very exciting gala. The club put in an overall fabulous performance, especially as there were some swimmers missing. Only having one disqualification all night, certainly helped us gain 2nd place overall, in a very tightly fought competition.

Results in points on the night were – 1st Lincoln Vulcans “A” (253), 2nd Louth (191), 3rd City of Lincoln Pentaqua (189), 4th South Lincs (175), 5th Lincoln Vulcans “B” (120).

Sarah Richardson, Team Manager


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