2012 Arena League – Rnd 2

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A Fabulous Performance In Biggleswade

Louth Swimming Club travelled to Biggleswade on 10th November to compete in the second round of the prestigious National Arena Swimming League, East Midlands Division One. Louth were swimming against 5 other teams – City of Milton Keynes, Notts Leander “A”, St Ives, Biggleswade and University of East Anglia, Norwich “A”. Louth had 4 wins, 8 second places and 12 thirds and sensationally finished in 3rd place on the night.

The Louth “Swimmer of the Night” accolade went to the only individual winner Ivan Koslow. He gave Louth the closest finish of the night too – winning the Boys 13/u 100m Butterfly by just one tenth of a second over the swimmer from the City of Milton Keynes. Ivan turned in second position but kept gaining on his rival throughout the race, finally edging himself into first place with sheer strength and determination.

Ivan was victor again as part of the Boys 13/u 4 x 50m Medley Relay team, who had Louth’s first relay win of the evening. Kieran Young led off on his favoured Backstroke gaining a Pb and a County Qualifying time. Next in the water was Breaststroker Tom Harrop, edging the team forwards towards the lead. Ivan Koslow was next with the Butterfly and the win was finalised with a 2 second cushion over UEA Norwich, by Freestyler Joshua Wright.

The 13/u Boys Freestyle Relay team were winners again later on, with a slightly different line up. This team was led off by Joshua Wright, who was swiftly followed in by Tom Harrop, gaining the fastest time of the relay swimmers. George Hobbins was next to swim and this time Kieran Young was the anchor man. They smashed the opposition, winning by approximately 5 seconds – the other teams did not stand a chance! This team also had a victory in the first round held at Louth in October.

The Boys 15/u Freestyle relay team were also double winners from the first round. The team consisting of Fin Fox, Sam Swaby, Daniel Challis and William McIntyre, had a nail biting 1.3 second win over Notts Leander and were the final Louth team to have a victory. Fin led off with both a Pb and a CQT and was swiftly followed in by Sam and Daniel, with William managing to secure the fastest time of the team, ensuring the well earned victory.

Second places were plentiful for Louth, which meant we came a good 3rd place overall on the night. There was a real determination to score points amongst the Louth swimmers and many battles were won in the last 5 meters to secure these 2nd places.

Tom Harrop was the first Louth swimmer to gain a 2nd place in the Boys 13/u 100m Breaststroke, gaining a Pb and a County time for his troubles. William McIntyre turned in 3rd place at the halfway stage of his 15/u 100m Butterfly swim, but his stamina paid off, coming back to pip the Notts Leander swimmer on the line.  Emma Maw gained another 2nd place for Louth in the Girls 13/u 100m Butterfly, in which she obtained a Pb and County time. Emma Harrop nearly managed a double win on the Girls 9-11 yrs 50m Freestyle, but just lost out by 0.3 of a second in the end, but she did get a great Pb and County time and put in a stylish performance. George Hobbins showed his skill at Freestyle in the Boys 13/u 100m event, only being beaten by the swimmer from City of Milton Keynes, but a well deserved County time was his reward. Sam Swaby was the next 2nd placed Louth swimmer in his favoured 100m Breaststroke event for 15/u Boys. Although not a Pb on this occasion, he managed to keep all his competitors behind him, apart from the Biggleswade swimmer. The Girls 13/u Freestyle team also gained 5 points by coming 2nd. They were led off by Lily Miller who was followed in by Marie Schneider, Emma Maw and finally,Freestylewhiz Sofie Schneider. The Boys 15/u Medley relay team of Fin Fox, Sam Swaby, William McIntyre and Dan Challis equalled their 1st round performance, coming 2nd place in a fiercely fought out race.

Third places were numerous and again, these places all helped massively towards the final outcome on the night. 3rd places went to; Girls 9-11 yrs 4 x 50m Medley and Freestyle teams Ely Miller, Megan Gilpin, Paige Kelly and Emma Harrop; Mens Open Medley team – Tom Richardson, Oliver Petts, Adam McIntyre and Martyn Margarson; Lily Miller Girls 13/u 100m Breaststroke; William McIntyre Boys 15/u 100m Backstroke; Adam McIntyre Mens Open 100m Butterfly; Kieran Young Boys 13/u 100m Backstroke; Emma Harrop Girls 9-11 yrs 50m Breaststroke; Daniel Challis Boys 15/u 100m Freestyle; Sofie Schneider Girls 13/u 100m Freestyle; Amber Nuttman Girls 15/u 100m Breaststroke; Mens Open 6 x 50m Freestyle Team – Fred Schneider, Adam McIntyre, William McIntyre, Tom Richardson, Oliver Petts and Martyn Margarson.

Other swimmers gaining valuable points for the team but not previously mentioned, are Alex Swaby, Jay Clarke, Drew Thompson, Joseph Vickers, Jevon George-Jones, Katherine Brown, Megan Hodgson, Emily Patch, Alice Ward, Rebecca Dunning and Harry Maw. Special mention goes to Harry Maw who suffered an eye injury at the gala and ended up at Boston Pilgrim Hospital as a result. He is now being monitored by eye specialists and we wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.

Final Positions on the night were as follows – 1st – City of Milton Keynes 236, 2nd Notts Leander “A” 215, 3rdLOUTH – 173, 4th – Biggleswade 164, 5th – St Ives 135, 6th – University of East Anglia Norwich “A” – 125.

Louth should have secured a mid table finish as a result of this great performance, hopefully keeping us out of the relegation battle for 2013! Round 3 will take place in December, when we expect another thrilling gala!

Sarah Richardson

Team Manager


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