Diary Dates

Keep the following dates in mind when making plans. These are dates of club gala’s and Open meets we’re targeting for our swimmers.

Heads Up !

Please note that the swimming clubs annual general meeting will take place on Tuesday 4th October at 8.00pm at the Brown Cow Louth. Thank you.

Date, Meet, Location, Who, Entries Required By

County Championships

  1. Saturday 21st January – full day at Grantham
  2. Sunday 22nd January – half a day pm Grantham
  3. Saturday 4th Feb – full day Louth
  4. Sunday 5th Feb – full day Louth
  5. Saturday 18th Feb -half day pm Grantham

Junior league

  1. 10/09/16 – round 3

Lincs senior league

  1. 24/09/16 – round 3

National Arena League

  1. 8/10/16 or 9/10/16 – round 1 – Peterborough
  2. 12/11/16 or 13/11/16 – round 2
  3. 10/12/16 0r 11/12/16 – round 3

Skills Competitive Swimming Calendar for 2016

  1. 24/07/16–25/07/16 COS Summer Meet–at Ponds Forge. Long course Entries in by 29/05/16
  2. 18/09/16 Doncaster Dartes Sept Sprints – Beverley.  Short course Entries in by 17/07/16
  3. October but to be confirmed – Deepings Open meet
  4. November but to be confirmed – Meridian open meet

Development Meets 2016

  1. 25-26 Jun – City of Leeds ‘B’ grade – Leeds-John Charles LC Level (TBC)
  2. 24/07/16–25/07/16 COS Summer Meet–at Ponds Forge. Long course Entries in by 29/05/16

Performance Meets

  1. TBA

Masters Dates

  1. Sunday 9th October at Louth Meridian

Other Important Dates

  1. 9/7/16 – Woodhall Spa Jubilee Park Fun Evening – 7pm until 9pm

3 Responses to Diary Dates

  1. SB says:

    Would be great if you could link to application forms for things like Sportsmans week via the website rather than having to find the email!

  2. cb says:

    be good if you could enter comps and pay online rather than printing forms in and bringing payment

    • Unfortunately the complexity of this process makes it unlikely to happen any time soon. Time conversions, refunds, and the limited numbers of entries to some meets means it’s easier all round to do things the way they are.

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